About Us

What do we do?

We aim the present and we shape the future!

One Smart Star® has integrated a smart solution that incorporates existing and new communication dimensions of Voice and Data. The OSSN® service rides on top of any Physical / Virtual Switch provided by Operator or other devices, enabling simplified and swift customer access to every business.

One Smart Star® is a patented technology developed by a top engineering team which has been implemented by thousands of leading organizations and businesses worldwide, benefiting from a unique identity, enhanced visibility and business/client interaction as well as improved business results.

Who are we?

One Smart Star® headquarters are located in the US and represented locally by Smart Number Telecom SRL.
The company has launched the OSSN® service and operation in Romania in 2011 and ever since, continuously develops and provides new value-added solutions to hundreds of major leading businesses and being used daily by millions of individuals.

Global Reach

With over a decade of experience, One Smart Star® operates in over 60 countries.
Every day, millions of satisfied customers connect to businesses using One Smart Star® Numbers.

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